Ciao! Welcome to Prosecco Pronto.

Take the world’s most popular sparkling wine. Take the coolest, sassiest Italian van you’ve ever seen. Blend them together into a magical experience. Two great Italian classics ready for you to stun your guests. 

I spent most of my childhood summers in the beautiful hills of north-east Italy at our family house, cycling the local area, driving the three-wheeled van around my uncle’s farm in Gorizia, a stone’s throw away from the village of Prosecco. As a fourteen year old what more could you want than going to your uncle’s farm and racing these cheeky vans around the yard.


I just wanted to bring Italy home with me. So I did.


I remember exploring as a boy the small town of Prosecco, years before the world started going crazy about its wine. The region, already famous for its outstanding white wines, is now equally famous for being the home of everyone’s favourite sparkling wine.

I mused for many years about how I could combine my love of the region, the nation’s new favourite drink and my love for Piaggio ape vans – a familiar sight in rural Italy. 

I decided to bring the three passions of my childhood together in my new business. What better way to combine these passions with my experience in food, beverages and events.

So, please allow me to introduce you to Prosecco Pronto.
The journey has just begun...