Our Van

Our van is a genuine Piaggio Ape, the type still common in Italy today. The Piaggio brand originated in the town of Pontedera, in the province of Pisa. By the way Ape ( pronounced ar-pay in Italian) means bee. Enrico Piaggio had the brilliant idea of converting the Vespa scooter into a light commercial vehicle by essentially adding an extra rear wheel and a cab for the driver. A legend was born.


The vans were an instant hit in the forties and beyond, offering inexpensive motoring that was ideally suited to the narrow streets and lanes of rural Italy. In fact in southern Italy we regularly see the vans at markets as farmers use the load area to display and sell their produce.

Although brought up to be a working van the Piaggio Ape is also romantic as the cab has room for two, if they snuggle close.

In Italy the vans are driven close to the kerb to allow cars to pass and rumour has it that the two doors allow delivery quickly and easily to both sides of the street.

Our van, lovingly imported and converted, is waiting to make your acquaintance. You’ll love her, and we bet you can’t resist a photo or two.